WAGNER - Innovative coating technology for perfect surfaces

WAGNER is a leading global supplier of industrial surface finishing systems with extensive experience in a wide range of sectors. Whether complete systems or single components – we offer the ideal solution for your individual application. Products by the WAGNER Group represent the highest levels of dependability and quality. Ideal for your specific needs

Our product highlights

Coating on equipment parts for this market has to fulfill highest quality and safety requirements. WAGNER’s coating, bonding and sealing solutions guarantee optimum results, both in protection and visually.

Automotive parts must fulfill highest quality and safety requirements. WAGNER offers ideal solutions for coating, bonding and sealing and guarantees optimal results, not only for visual, but also protective aspects.

Domestic appliance parts must fulfil the highest requirements in terms of quality and safety. WAGNER offers ideal coating, bonding and sealing solutions, guaranteeing optimum results, not only in terms of the visual aspect, but also concerning protective

WAGNER offers solutions that are specially tailored to meet the demands of protective coating applications for bridges, containers, pipelines, wind and solar energy plants.

Coating workpieces made of wood makes special demands on coaters. WAGNER supports you in finding the ideal solution for your application - not only for the coating, but also sealing & bonding of wood surfaces.