Final filter unit monocyclones

Final filter unit monocyclones

powder recovery system

Product Code: Final filter unit monocyclones

Final filters are required to operate a cyclone system. They provide the necessary suction capacity and must be matched to the pressure loss in the overall system. 

  • Filter cartridges, application categories U, S, G, C
  • Meet the legal requirements for powder removal
  • Filter cleaning with compressed air pulses
  • Low air consumption
  • Differential pressure monitor
  • Maintain the minimum suction capacity
  • Horizontal filter cartridges
  • Easy to maintain and replace

AIR INLET PRESSURE 0,6 – 0,8 MPa, 6,0 – 8,0 bar, 87 – 116 PSI
OPERATING TEMPERATURE 5 – 35 °C, 41.0 – 95.0 °F