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J. WAGNER GmbH founded in 1947 is one of the world's leading manufacturers of high technology, high quality equipment and systems in surface finishing for the application of liquid and powder lacquers and other paints to surfaces. WAGNER-group is based in Markdorf, Germany with sales, technology and service centers all over the world. WAGNER has a global presence with a workforce of around 1,450 people, 19 companies and approximately 300 WAGNER agencies.

WAGNER offers equipment and systems for all areas of industrial surface coating with complete products and technology range, starting with feeding the material to mixing, dosing, motion and control technology including material logistics; finishing with the application of various materials to the surfaces.


With the recognition by WAGNER and our loyal customers for decades, we are with the goal of becoming the leading professional product distributor in will unceasingly continue to expand its product distribution lines to provide the world renowned WAGNER branded products and services of superior quality and value that exceed the expectation and satisfaction of the customers in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.


With criterion continuous efforts to meet the increasing demand of customers, by enhancing a team of professional officers and experienced technicians well trained by WAGNER experts, we ensure to provide consistent world class services and products therefore offer customers’ satisfaction not only in the country but also abroad.


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