E-Line application solution

E-Line application solution

Application solution for powder coating

Product Code: E-Line application solution

All components in one system

The WAGNER E-Line solution allows the customer to provide its wide range of diverse components with a perfect surface. This highly efficient coating system guarantees high process reliability with constant results. 

  • Optimal application results guaranteed with powerful PEA-C4 automatic guns, precise EPG-S2 modules and accurate moving systems
  • Best airflow & highest transfer efficiency by special PVC booth construction and optimized inner geometry
  • Low investment costs: Entry level PXE powder center with excellent price-performance ratio; complete control of all components (powder center, moving devices, application, booth, filter) in one central unit
  • Improved recovery rate & minimized pressure loss thanks to the WAGNER energy efficiency package
  • Reduced electrical power demand of the filter unit due to improved airflow of the system

MAX. GUNS 12x automatic + 2x manual or 14x automatic
GUNS PEA C4 or PEA C4 XL 1.4
MANUAL PLATFORMS 1x pre-coating / 1x post-coating
SIZE Max. 2000 (H) x 800 (W)
GUN SLOTS MAX. 3 per side
VERTICAL UNIT VU 2-1800 to VU 2-2400
HORIZONTAL UNIT RS1000 (manual device) or HU 1000 (electrical device)
POWDER CENTER PXE (standard) or PXE (maximum)
TYPE OF INJECTORS PI-F1 (80-360 g/min), PI-F1-S (80-450 g/min), HiCoatED (50-250 g/min)
CYCLONE & FILTER 12.000 Nm³/h 18,5 kW or 16.000 Nm³/h 22 kW
CONTROL TYPE All-in-one control
DISPLAY SIZE 7" colour touch display