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PEA-C4 HiCoat automatic gun

The new PEA-C4 HiCoat automatic gun for electrostatic powder paint coating in automatic systems

- For optimum surfaces and high efficiency.

- The newly developed PEA -C4 HiCoat automatic gun offers optimal and practically based prerequisites for optimal powder paint coating, matched to the requirements of automatic operation. High quality, reliable and reproducible coating results in conjunction with the proven robustness of this gun are the result.
- The integral high voltage cascade in the gun with an output power of up to 100 kV operates safely and perfectly. All electronic components are integrated into the robust plastic gun body. This guarantees low service costs and a long service life.
- Main features of the PEA-C4 HiCoat:
- Optimised electrostatics for universal use. Safe and optimal powder charging in conjunction with the integrated high voltage cascade for up to 100 kV power output.
- SafetyPower. The new integral Safety technology for the reliable processing of standardised Metallic, Special-effect, and UDS powder paints, plus of course all standard powder paints. Certified for Zone 21 (internal coating).
- For colour changes the PowerLock System quickly and effectively ensures clean and reliable cleansing of the whole powder duct and the nozzle components. The result is a higher level of automation and time saved in the cleaning process.
- Simple assembly and disassembly of the wear parts (particularly the protective wedge) and of the whole nozzle system.
- Nozzle Adjusting System for constantly reproducible and precise nozzle positioning on each individual gun.
- Adaptable round jet nozzle system with new oval spray jet geometry and proven atomising air technology.
- Adaptable CoronaStar Set.
- Application benefits of the PEA-C4 HiCoat
- Increased transfer rates (application efficiency) in conjunction with optimised electrostatics for greater economy.
- Optimised process of the FlexNozzle flat jet atomiser system for the widest variety of coating demands in practical applications.
- Homogenised softer powder cloud for more uniform film thicknesses and optimised deposition of powder. Particularly beneficial for users with very long hose lengths.
- Optimised coating and deposition quality in the application of Metallic, Special-effect, and UDS powder paints.
- Smooth control of the spray jet for optimal adjustment to all surface contours.
- Newly developed round jet nozzle system with softer oval powder cloud.
- Economic advantages:
- Universally usable
- Reliability and consistently sure operation
- Inexpensive wear parts
- Easy cleaning and maintenance due to straight line powder duct and easily cleaned gun geometry
- High production throughput
- Economical use of material
- Highly economical
- High voltage cascade is replaceable


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